SOS Fall Migration Shag Festival in North Myrtle Beach

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As the weather cools and the crowds begin to dwindle, shaggers from all over flock to North Myrtle Beach for one last blowout of the season. The Fall Migration is a 10 day event that takes place at all of the famous SOS (Society of Stranders) lounges, like Fat Harold’s and the OD Arcade. This year’s Fall Migration runs from September 12-21, 2014. Dance classes, popular bands, and special parties are frequent during the migration, but the “capstone” events are Fun Sunday and Fun Monday (the first Sunday and only Monday of the migration). These events take place outdoors on Ocean Drive and Main Street and feature live bands as well as food, drink and merchandise vendors. Thousands of people come out for these two most popular days of the migration where they can practice or learn the shag and add new moves to their repertoire.

The SOS puts together other events throughout the year, including midwinter events in January and the ever popular Spring Safari. Like the Fall Migration, you will find popular bands playing shows along Main Street, shag instructors offering classes, lounges scheduling “tea parties” for SOS club members, and of course the biggest attraction – the nightlife. SOS events have been compared to giant, 10 day block parties; if that sounds like a good time to you, the SOS invites you to come and make some new friends!

The Shag is a partner dance, formally known as the Carolina Shag, done primarily to beach music. It is thought to have originated between Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Wilmington, North Carolina. Friends come together to shag and celebrate the beach culture of the Carolinas at many annual events in North Myrtle Beach. To learn more about the SOS and the shag lifestyle, visit Here you can find information on clubs, venues, lessons, and much more.

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