Spend Your Winter at Bay Watch Resort

For those of you who are looking for a winter escape, Bay Watch Resort offers a wide selection of monthly extended stay options during the months of October through March.


Valid Travel Dates: October 1 – March 31
Minimum Night Stay: 28 Night(s)

Note that Monthly Winter Rates are only available by calling a Vacation Specialist.

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Room TypeJan ’18Feb ’18Mar ’18Oct ’18Nov ’18Dec ’18Jan ’19Feb ’19Mar ’19
Ocean View 1-Bedroom$824$1,079$1,594$1,144$834$809$854$1,109$1,594
Oceanfront 1-Bedroom$944$1,129$1,889$1,344$969$869$974$1,159$1,889
Oceanfront 2-Bedroom$1,189$1,419$2,349$1,689$1,239$1,084$1,219$1,449$2,349
Oceanfront 3-Bedroom$1,534$1,739$2,559$1,954$1,559$1,409$1,534$1,739$2,559
Ocean View 1-BedroomJan ’18 $824Feb ’18 $1,079Mar ’18 $1,594Oct ’18 $1,144Nov ’18 $834Dec ’18 $809Jan ’19 $854Feb ’19 $1,109Mar ’19 $1,594
Oceanfront 1-BedroomJan ’18 $944Feb ’18 $1,129Mar ’18 $1,889Oct ’18 $1,344Nov ’18 $969Dec ’18 $869Jan ’19 $974Feb ’19 $1,159Mar ’19 $1,889
Oceanfront 2-BedroomJan ’18 $1,189Feb ’18 $1,419Mar ’18 $2,349Oct ’18 $1,689Nov ’18 $1,239Dec ’18 $1,084Jan ’19 $1,219Feb ’19 $1,449Mar ’19 $2,349
Oceanfront 3-BedroomJan ’18 $1,534Feb ’18 $1,739Mar ’18 $2,559Oct ’18 $1,954Nov ’18 $1,559Dec ’18 $1,409Jan ’19 $1,534Feb ’19 $1,739Mar ’19 $2,559


Room TypeOct ’19Nov ’19Dec ’19Jan ’20Feb ’20Mar ’20
Ocean View 1-Bedroom$1,144$834$809$854$1,109$1,594
Oceanfront 1-Bedroom$1,344$969$869$974$1,159$1,889
Oceanfront 2-Bedroom$1,689$1,239$1,084$1,219$1,449$2,349
Oceanfront 3-Bedroom$1,954$1,559$1,409$1,534$1,739$2,559
Ocean View 1-BedroomOct ’19 $1,144Nov ’19 $834Dec ’19 $809Jan ’20 $854Feb ’20 $1,109Mar ’20 $1,594
Oceanfront 1-BedroomOct ’19 $1,344Nov ’19 $969Dec ’19 $869Jan ’20 $974Feb ’20 $1,159Mar ’20 $1,889
Oceanfront 2-BedroomOct ’19 $1,689Nov ’19 $1,239Dec ’19 $1,084Jan ’20 $1,219Feb ’20 $1,449Mar ’20 $2,349
Oceanfront 3-BedroomOct ’19 $1,954Nov ’19 $1,559Dec ’19 $1,409Jan ’20 $1,534Feb ’20 $1,739Mar ’20 $2,559

‡March monthly rates at are only available to guests staying 90 consecutive nights or more.

Monthly Winter Rentals Available

Stay 90 Days or Longer and Save Even More!

Guests staying at least 90 consecutive nights do not pay any state or local tax on their Monthly Rental room rate!* Plus, March monthly rates are only available to guests who stay a total of 90 consecutive nights or more.

*Monthly Rental Rates are available on travel during the months of October through March at select resorts. A 28 night minimum stay is required to qualify for Monthly Rates. Guests staying 90 consecutive nights or longer will be exempt from all state and local taxes applied to the room rate only. Other fees may still apply. Accommodations and travel times are subject to availability and confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Offer includes accommodations and specifically excludes travel costs and other expenses that may be incurred. Taxes, additional fees and charges may apply. Promotional discounts and offers may not apply to all properties. Cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or package rates and is valid on new reservations only. Other restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited by law. All prices are based in U.S. dollars (USD).


Extended stay winter rentals are only available by calling a Vacation Specialist. Call today to reserve your winter home-away-from-home!

Please Note: In order to maximize the savings to our guests, Monthly Rental Rates do not include daily housekeeping service. Monthly Rental Rates feature a unique set of policies that differ from our nightly rental policies. We recommend that you review our Monthly Rental Policies prior to making a reservation.